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Cosmographer 3: The Ultimate Tool for Sci-Fi Map-Making

Cosmographer 3: The Ultimate Tool for Sci-Fi Map-Making

If you are a fan of science fiction role-playing games, you know how important it is to have a good map of your starship, solar system, planet or galaxy. Whether you are exploring the vastness of space, fighting alien invaders or trading with exotic civilizations, a map can help you visualize your setting and immerse yourself in the adventure.

Cosmographer 3

But how do you create a map that is both realistic and beautiful? How do you draw complex shapes, textures and symbols that fit your genre and style? How do you manage the scale and perspective of your maps?

That's where Cosmographer 3 comes in. Cosmographer 3 is an add-on to Campaign Cartographer 3+, the leading map-making software for games. With Cosmographer 3, you can design starships, solar systems, worlds and even galaxies with ease and precision. You get easy-to-use drawing tools, textures and a palette of several thousand symbols in multiple styles to construct SF cartography for any game system.

Some of the features of Cosmographer 3 include:

  • Starship deckplans with connecting symbols

  • Star maps in 3D and 2D

  • Solar systems

  • World maps

  • Local area maps

  • A huge array of maps for the Traveller RPG

You can also use Cosmographer 3's high resolution assets and textures with other design programs such as Photoshop and GIMP to create your own custom maps.

Cosmographer 3 is the ultimate tool for sci-fi map-making. Whether you are a GM, a player or a hobbyist, you will find Cosmographer 3 indispensable for your sci-fi gaming needs.

To learn more about Cosmographer 3, visit or watch this video tutorial:

How does Cosmographer 3 work? Cosmographer 3 is an add-on to Campaign Cartographer 3+, which means you need to have CC3+ installed on your computer to use it. CC3+ is a powerful and versatile map-making software that lets you create maps of any kind, from fantasy dungeons to modern cities. You can download CC3+ from

Once you have CC3+ and Cosmographer 3 installed, you can start creating your sci-fi maps. You can choose from a variety of map styles, such as starship deckplans, star maps, solar systems and more. Each map style has its own set of tools, textures and symbols that you can use to draw your map. You can also customize your map with colors, effects, labels and other features.

Cosmographer 3 also comes with a comprehensive guide that explains how to use the software and its features. You can download the Cosmographer 3 Essentials Guide from your registration page or from your Cosmo 3 order page. The guide covers everything from the basics of map-making to advanced tips and tricks. You can also find more tutorials and resources on the ProFantasy Community Forum at 0efd9a6b88

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